“The Coach”

Hello. I’m Bob Ciaffone, nicknamed “The Coach,” a poker player, writer, and teacher. My company called Gameplayer sells my poker books.
I use the Internet for teaching poker, promoting my poker books, and playing poker.
There are numerous sites on the Internet that allow you to play poker against live opponents. Here are some gameplaying websites I use for playing poker and other games.
These are some sites helpful to gameplayers, offering books and other info.

I am a leading authority on poker rules. You can view, copy, and use the best set of cardroom poker rules in the world, all at no charge. I am making my new rulebook Robert’s Rules of Poker available for free to promote the game of poker. This document is 62 pages, about 200 kilobytes. Version 4 is the latest version, compatible with the Tournament Directors Association poker rules, and available now. To download a digital copy of the poker rules in Microsoft Word format, click here. (Then use the “file” and “save as” commands.)

My favorite game for sheer pleasure is chess. I have written two chess books on opening play, which you can view on my website where my poker books are displayed.
I was the President of the Michigan Chess Association in 2003. From my webpage you can access the MCA Tournament Rules.
I play speed chess on the Internet Chess Club, under the handle “coach999.”

I write fiction as well as non-fiction. Here is my favorite short story, written in the late ninties, a science fiction tale called Snuff The Earth.
I also write a little poetry. Here is a poem written halfway through the 1997 Masters golf tournament.
(Tiger Woods went on to set the all-time scoring record for that event.) It is titled Tiger.

You can view a great set of rules for the card game hearts, the Cavendish Rules Of Hearts. If you would like to download a digital copy of the hearts rules in Microsoft Word format, click here. (Then use the “file” and “save as” commands.)

I acquired my nickname “The Coach” during the early seventies when I was coaching a bridge team. It is appropriate because my main focus is on playing games well and teaching others how to do so. Games are my life. I supported myself in the 60’s from shooting pool (and teaching school), in the 70’s from playing backgammon, and ever since the 80’s from playing, teaching, and writing about poker. I am a 63-year-old man living in Saginaw, Michigan, my hometown. I had lived elsewhere ever since 1968, but moved back there in 1996 for family reasons. If you’re curious about how I came to devote my life to gameplaying, there is some more info in my personal history section.

A number of my successes at gameplaying are displayed in my awards section.

From my homepage you can obtain Internet information:

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